Shaw Webmail

It’s time to move from traditional email network and try our some new email services because you will be missing out a lot of  features. In this post, I will be introducing an email service which is far better than most of the other email service that exits in the market. You may find it tough to believe the amount of features it has but after you finish reading this article you will realize on things that you will be missing. We will also tell you why it is important to switch now to this mail service.

A Canadian company introduced Shaw Webmail service which is loaded with tons of features. I know most of you must be using Gmail, Yahoo and Outlook etc but if you do not try out this mail service you will missing on a lot of new features.

Shaw Webmail Login Sign In Create A New Account

Shaw is a cable service provider and an Internet Service Provider (ISP) that allows you to set up an email account to receive and send emails. The account set up for shaw mail

service is very easy and you can easily create an account. Here in this post, we will also tell you the step by step process to create an account on After registering, users can not only check their email messages, and additionally review their account information, change your cable settings and subscriptions. The things that you need is your username and password and you are good to go. Those users who have forgotten their password, can reset their password quickly and login to check their emails with the help of simple steps provided below.

Features of Shaw Webmail

  • This mail service offers 1 GB of email storage space per email account
  • It has fully featured Spam Filter
  • It allows user to send emails of up to 20 MB in file size
  • It comes with a feature of  Spell check.
  • This mailing service has an updated interface with a quota bar to alert you when inbox is full.
  • It has folder tree to manage multiple folders, user can even store up to 100 address book entries.
  • It has facility to group your email contacts. It even gives you options to import and export entries to your email program, along with Multiple font choices, feature of Quick ‘contact add’.
  • Last but not the least this mail service has new and improved features to change Spam Filter settings, It even report spam features that alert.

Shaw Webmail Login/ Sign in Steps

1. First visit then all you need to do is enter your username and password and then click “Sign In” to access your account. Those who doesn’t remember their password information then they can move down to the next step.

2. The next step is to select “Visit My Account to recover your email address or to reset your password” below the sign in button. Soon you will be redirected to a new page then click on Forgot Password Link. Then enter your Shaw Webmail Login account number. You can find it this on the top right corner of your monthly Shaw bill (See resources below).

3. In the “Phone Number (on account)” box type in your phone number associated with your shaw account.

4. In the “Postal Code” box you need to enter your location postal code and click “Submit.” Now you Type in a new password and click “Submit” & then login to your account.

Shaw Webmail 2.0

Shaw Webmail 2.0 is the most recent latest version Shaw’s Web-based email client with more wonderful features to explore around. This version comes with upgraded interface, various enhancement it also give’s you all privilege to create and manage a unique contact list and calendar, with this Shaw Webmail 2.0 you can create tags and also custom the email filters. You can also use the auto-complete address, remote access, and import or export the contact list features. Some of the features are mentioned below in detail.


For setting up your contact all you need to do is to right click on the received mail by the sender which enable’s you to store sender’s information in your contact folder.


With the help of this inbuilt calendar feature one can easily manage all his schedules & appointments.



You all can tag easily all your messages, contacts and appointments easily with Shaw Webmail 2.0 Tagging feature which makes it easier in identifying your messages, contacts, and appointments by categorizing them.


Custom Email Filters

You all can easily receive email from a specific sender in a specific folder with the help of this features. It also gives you an option to auto delete junk messages from specific sender’s to fight spam & keep your inbox organized and free of junk.


Remote Access Facility

This features enable you to access shaw mail from any device such as Phone/iPad, Blackberry or Android when you are away from your PC for some or the other reason.


Importing & Exporting

With this feature you all can easily import export your contact list, calendar & other details from one device to another with ease.

How to Setup Shaw Webmail 2.0 On iPad

1. Open the default Safari web browser on your iPad & then Shaw Webmail Login page Then enter your email id and password in the following given boxes & click on submit button to continue.

2. After your are successfully logged in to your account locate to the upper right corner of the web page & click on the “Preferences” tab. Go to “Mobile Access” tab from the left hand column.

3. You will find the “Enabled” button right beside “Mobile Access” Type in your shaw email and password at the “Check Existing Password” Field. Click on the “Save” button and save your settings.

4. On your iPad Click on the “Home” tab on the iPad and go to the “Settings”.

5. Click on “Other” button which is present at the bottom of the screen. Click on Mail, Contacts, Calendars then tap on “Add Mail Account” You will have a new window opened called “New Account”.

6. Type your Name in the “Name” Field and enter your email address of Shaw Webmail in the “Address” Field which ends with “”. Enter your Password.

7. Type a description “Shaw Email” in the Description field and save your settings.

8. The iPad now searches for your email settings automatically. Tap on “Next” and “POP.”

9. Scroll down the page and find “Incoming Mail Server”. Enter the following information:

  • Host Name:
  • User Name: Your Shaw email address without
  • Password: Your email password

10. Scroll down to find the “Outgoing Mail Server” and enter the following information:

  • Host Name:
  • User Name: Your Shaw email address without
  • Password: Your email password

11. After Successfully filling the above details tap on Save button.

12. The iPad now tries to connect to the Shaw using the Secure Sockets Layer Protocol and fails. It will ask you if you want to use the Transport Layer Security. Click Yes.

13. You now can use the Shaw Webmail 2.0 on your iPad.

Here you can learn how to secure Shaw Webmail connection

With all your mail inside your email box which is a private box. You don’t need anybody to access your messages with private information. While going inside or outside your nation you will utilize open WiFi network to open your email and even to browse the web. While you are accessing with an open hotspot you are not using the web with a protected link. All that you do (scanning, mailing) is noticeable for the proprietor of people in general hotspot. You don’t need this! VPN is the answer for this issue. With VPN you setup a private link with the web. This will guarantee you that all that you do is covered up.

We hope you all followed the above mention steps & successfully created your account on best mailing service. Now you all can easily login to your Shaw Webmail account to avail best features that come along with this mailing service. For further help & assistance feel free to contact us using the contact us page given above or can comment below your queries.